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 Acceptable Races

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PostSubject: Acceptable Races   Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:32 am


Humans -
Humans are the newest of the races to reach Lunaire: back in the year of 1435, a stretched portal was found to this world on the home planet of Earth. It was kept secret by the government until it was forgotten about. In the latest age, one man's journey led him to a cave in Singapore, where he discovered the portal many years after the government forgot it. As the army came through the portal, the soldiers found their weapons and armor useless, and started mixing with the locals, which took them back to the medieval culture. After most of the human race had gone through the portal, it was closed by the gods as a reminder of humanity's mistakes.

Elves are the oldest race known on Lunaire; it was originally their home hundreds of years ago. The invasion of the humans had a huge effect on the Elven races. When the Elven king discovered that the humans were planning to revolt against him, he reached out for his only option: he married a human and crossbred a child, half elf, half human, creating the Half-blood race. The past mythology of the Elves is little known, excepting the fact that they were made in spitting image of their head god.

Half Bloods:
These are the half elven, half human creations of King Alzere II, created when he tried to create a peaceful land in which both elves and humans could live. They were originally developed in a lab, deep in the recesses of Lunaire, by mixing the embryos of a human and an elf. After a successful child was made, Alzere and his wife Andromeda knew they could create peace. Their son, King Akaere I, now reigns as the High King and High Lord Of The Elder Council.

Dwarves were originally a minority of Elves who were genetically different from the regular tall and lanky elf. They later became a full race as their interests diverted from becoming a bard, hunter or mage. They were outcast by the Elven community and began to build great cities in the wilderness. The elven king at the time decided to visit one and this is now the capital of Lunaire.

The Elyk are the strangest and rarest of all the creatures in the whole of Lunaire. They are animals that have the ability to speak and walk on two hind legs. They are often found in the wilderness hunting for food. They make excellent hunters and excellent fletchers.

Another rare creature which communicates in its own language rather than English, which is spoken by all other races. Possibly the most powerful of all the races, an encounter with a dragon could potentially be your last. They use fire and frost to dessicate an enemy.

Sirens are the beautiful mermaids of the sea, or so you think until you are dragged deep beneath the ocean and devoured by them. Apart from that they can be pretty nice people. The Naga are monstrous cross breeds of dragons and sirens, forming a beast that devours anything in its path.

Formed by the mysterious necromancers, undead are the raised bodies from ancient burial crypts to coffins. In the cities, the undead are despised by many. There are three types of undead: the Altered, who are given abilities by their undead masters, the Unaltered, beings that are raised with no abilites or powers, merely the insatiable urge to kill, and the Deathlords, which can only be created by master necromancers, which can use spells as well as weapons to destroy everything.

Orcs or Orsimer, are the horned elves of the mountains. After a revolution thousands of years ago, elves were split into two groups (later three), the elves, who were the best mages and archers, and the Orsimer, who were warrior and smithing based. They spent years in mountain settlements training and smithing, gradually evolving into man-mountains with horned eyebrows and teeth. They were welcomed back into society in the Elven Conduit of King Fraerederak, of the 3rd cycle.

Thank You Smile

- Admin Jake
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Acceptable Races
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