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 List Of Gods

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PostSubject: List Of Gods   Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:19 am

The Eienaur Family Tree
Eienaur - Head God - God Of Eternity
Lun - Deputy Head God - Wife To Eienaur - Goddess Of the Moon
Aeronne - Daughter Of Eienaur & Lun Wife Of Atre - Goddess Of The Sky
Atre - Son In Law Of Eienaur & Lun, Husband Of Aeronne - God Of The Hunt

Titus Family Tree
Titus - Brother To Eienaur - God Of War
Auvriere - Wife To Titus - Goddess Of Beauty

Mort Family Tree
Mort - Husband Of Niaghta, Brother Of Eienaur - God Of Death
Niaghta - Wife Of Mort - Goddess Of Thievery
Tenebris - Son Of Mort & Niaghta, Husband Of Elixta - God Of Darkness & Doom
Elixta - Daughter In Law Of Mort & Niaghta, Wife Of Tenebris - Goddess Of Alchemy

Cantus Family Tree
Cantus - Brother Of Eienaur, Husband Of Gaura - God Of Magic
Gaura - Wife Of Gaura - Goddess Of The Seasons
Elixta - Daughter Of Cantus, Husband Of Tenebris - Goddess Of Alchemy

All gods are currently NPCs however soon we may do roleplay tests for them.
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List Of Gods
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