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 Ky Wilkinson - Human Elemental

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PostSubject: Ky Wilkinson - Human Elemental   Mon Mar 24, 2014 6:51 am

Name: Ky Wilkinson

Race: Human

Class: Elemental

Age: 391

Appearance: 6 foot 3. 210 lbs. Dark Hair. Stubble. Dark Eyes. Handsome.

Life Story: Ky was born in a seaside town called Scarborough, England. The family that Ky was born into, was very wealthy. During his early years, Ky was given everything that he could have ever wanted. Ky's Father, Harry Wilkinson, was also an Elemental. Although Ky did not discover this till his late teens. Ky always knew that there wasn't something quite right about his Father. His Father would been gone for long periods of time, and when he got agitated or angry, something strange would happen, something not normal...
The first time Ky confronted his Father about the odd things that his Father could do, it was simply brushed underneath the carpet, and Ky was told not to ask again. At the age of 16, Ky's Father sat him down, and explained everything. This opened up an entire new world to Ky, and he vowed to train everyday, to become the best Elemental Sorcerer that he could be.
Growing up for Ky was quite easy going, until his Father was killed by a Rogue Orc, and it was from this moment forward, that Ky promised himself that he was going to do everything in his power to bring revenge to his Father's name.
Although being very friendly and approachable, Ky has a devastating temper. His temper will not flair up easily, and it does indeed take a lot to bring out his temper.
Ky now, mainly, walks about the world, looking for the Orc tribe which planned his Father's murder, and when he does, he will have his vengeance.
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Ky Wilkinson - Human Elemental
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