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 How the Gods come to Lunaire (Legend)

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PostSubject: How the Gods come to Lunaire (Legend)   Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:29 pm

According to Ancient Texts of Lunaire, the Gods possess the souls of the living mortals in order to come to Earth. These mortals then become near-immortal, powerful beings that can command armies, destroy cities and defile monarchies. These beings are rare and sometimes believed to be showmen or fakes. In some cases, they are all but lie.

Over a thousand years ago, the God of War, Titus and his brother Mort possessed the souls of two travelling merchants on their way to Lunaire. When they left, Lunaire was destroyed. The survivors of the First Lunaire Crisis rebuilt the ancient city and regained their lives back to a whole. But everyone knows of the First Lunair Crisis.

A Man Possessed
Through the surrounding area of Lunaire and even inside the great city's walls walks a pale man, dressed in purple and black robes with long blue/black hair. The man goes by the name "Agama'Tru" which means in the Lunaire language: "Adopted Torture".
This man is supposedly a possessed soul, conquered by the God of Death Mort himself. But it is not known whether or not he really is the possessed soul of Mort or even if it is Mort that controls the soul of this poor man. Perhaps it is a different God? Perhaps a new deity? Perhaps... a whole new beginning to the end of Lunaire once more.
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How the Gods come to Lunaire (Legend)
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