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 Mazenko Chama : Half-Blooded rouge

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PostSubject: Mazenko Chama : Half-Blooded rouge   Thu May 31, 2012 1:33 pm

Name: Mazenko Chama

Age: 15

Race: Half-Blood

Life story: Mazenko Chama is a relatively young half-blood who never knew his parents. Soon after he was born, his family's home was broken into, and in an attempt to protect him, his mother and father were murdered by a group of thieves. Feeling as if they didn't mean to kill the boy's parents, they took him into their home for his first five years. Growing up as a thief, Mazenko quickly developed sneaking skills, and after getting in a fight with one of his "brothers" sneaked out into the night. Quickly finding himself outnumbered by difficulties, Mazenko used his abilities to be accepted into a local rouge group of half-bloods. He has spent 10 years with them now, and has just begun to pick up the abilities to fight with a scythe.
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Mazenko Chama : Half-Blooded rouge
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