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 Dante Silverfox [Biography]

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PostSubject: Dante Silverfox [Biography]   Tue May 15, 2012 5:33 am

Name: Dante (Pronounced: Dan-tay) 'Silverfox'
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Lycan
Breed: Eastern Timber Wolf. (Canis Lupus Lycaon)
Status: Lone Wolf
Physical Characteristics: Well-built, seemingly fit and agile yet his beaten-body holds him back under more extreme circumstances.

Length: 6"1 (Tip of the nose to the tip of his tail)
Weight: 75lb in Wolven Form (Just above the average 70lb) and 140lb in Human.
Left Eye: A deep, vibrant Gold.
Right Eye: A soothingly passionate Emerald.
Fur colour: A palette of white colours, mixing with creams of biege and black at his crown and mane. His tail is black until the very end; where there is a splash of white.

* Length: Long enough to keep him warm during the winter yet short enough so that it is manageable to keep tidy.
* Style: It may seem a little 'spiky' and 'bed-kept' at times but other than that, he tries his best to look his best.

Distinguishing features: 'X'-like scars patterned across the underside of his torso and flank, though they usually go un-noticed because of the way his fur is patterned and kept. He has a deep-lined scar crossing his left eye.

Health: Dante likes to keep his health in check and keep his physical stature as fit as possible, however, his mental health is questionable; having been the victim of many tragic events in quick-succession and the general loneliness he endures on a daily-basis. This is his choice, yet it still has a rather unfortunate effect on the way he communicates with other wolves or people.
Hobbies: None worth mentioning other than sleeping and reading books.
Favorite Sayings: "Don't cry wolf unless you expect one to turn up."

Disabilities: General communication issues like scrambling words within a sentence and he lacks understanding of most common sayings. Generally pessimistic unless he's certain something is achievable.

Talents/Skills: One of the few "wise-wolves", though he doesn't know it and minimalistically accepts the fact that he has been known to solve problems without a moments thought.

Birth order: He was the first born.
Parents: Deceased. (Killed-in-action)
Siblings: A rather enthusiastic sister.
Mate / Partner: None.
Cubs / Children: None.
Significant Others: Unknown.
Relationship skills: Confusing, unsuggestive and a terrible flirt.

Personality: Dante has always been the kind to take matters into his own paws, though he's not the kind of person to be classed as being "big-headed" or "silly". Despite this, he has always been lazy and un-enthusiastic when it comes to most matters, however, when something of importance comes along, he's the first to get in line to solve the problem. Dante does not like communicating with other wolves or people, and as a result of his solitude over the years, he has become somewhat muddled with both forms of communication. This means that he muddles up his sentences and some of his gestures may seem strange to other people despite his kind intentions.

History: In all honesty, nothing is truly known about Dante but having wanted to be the "heroic lone-wolf" of the lands since he was a 'cub', he has taken the opportunity to hone his skills both physically and mentally to ensure his survival thus far. Despite the fact that he deems himself a lone-wolf, and quite rightly so at that; he spent a couple of years with a 'band' of foxes and vixen, in which their cunning and sly behaviours slowly developed into his own. Perhaps this is the reason he is so hopeless with wolven communication, having forgotten the basic fundamentals and/or muddling up variable cognitives and gestures when in such a position.


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Dante Silverfox [Biography]
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