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 The Storyline For Lunaire RPG.

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Admin Jake

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PostSubject: The Storyline For Lunaire RPG.   Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:09 am

Lunaire is a Fantasy/Sci Fi roleplay game. This is the storyline.

Planet Earth, US Goverment
Nasa classified mission 2453: The shuttle accidently entered the portal with a zero to 17,000 mph in 8.5 minutes.
The engine of the shuttle shattered as it hit the portal to a world they were yet to discover, Planet Celestia. The shuttle was all but destroyed. All information and files on the astronauts and their mission were also destroyed on goverment instruction. An embarrasing mistake.

Year 3494
The astronauts awoke. The shuttle had been stripped of everything: the food, clothing, and even machinery. You awake in a field near what appears to be a town. A guard from Lunaire, Sir Vaux, had been traveling into the forest and as he passes you and the shuttle he brings his horse to a halt. You wake up your surviving crew, some having died from the crash landing.
Sir Vaux takes you to the city of Lunaire. You begin to realise you are no longer on planet Earth, though you fear to ask the guard. The guard takes you and your crew through some huge stone gates to a manor on the other side of the city. You arent aware of it yet, but they're taking you to the king of Lunaire.
The Guard approaches the king and whispers something into his advisor's ear, who then relays the message to the king. He sits up in his throne and replies. :You may stay if you start a trade (Classes) and work for the city."
Sir Vaux takes you to a small house giving you all the items you need for that trade (weapons, armor,tools, etc).
Perhaps you become very successful in that trade. Perhaps not. It is up to you...

Admin G.A.Z.Z

Part 2
3544 AD

It's been fifty years since humans landed on Celestia. Since their arrival, The gods caused nothing but terror and destruction over the lands, obviously displeased with the arrival of humankind, although it is unclear precisley what it is about humanity the riles them.
The Elder Council gathered in the castle on this day and the decision was passed: War was eminent.The generals have begun planning; Armies have been raised and battlegrouns prepared.
Already, beast hunters have killed demons sighted in the forest.This war must be won. The gods cannot stand over us forever.

Admin; Jake
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The Storyline For Lunaire RPG.
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