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 Herbs & Plants For Use In Alchemy

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PostSubject: Herbs & Plants For Use In Alchemy   Tue May 15, 2012 1:22 am

The following herbs available all over Lunaire, for mixing potions or healing. (With thanks to JamzyBunnyFlipn, who created them!)

City based:

These come from the seeds of many plants. Finding them is easy as they each have a significant look and are common. Next to each type of leaf there is a outcome of using the leaf. Be carefull when using leaves as some of their effects are bad.

Aloe Vera Leaves ; Fatigue Restoration, Muscle Relaxant.

Ginkgo Leaf ; Speed Enhancer, Fortify Elemental Energy

Lady's Mantle ; Healing Properties

Motherwort ; Resist Poison, Can Induce Fatigue

Nightshade ; Heavy Poison, Fortify Elemental Energy

Primrose ; Restore Elemental Energy, Luck

Wormwood Leaves ; Fatigue Restoration, Weak Poison

Zenith ; Fortify Skin, Resist Magic
Seeds: Seeds are the most hard to find as they genarlly grow off the plant, which means you have to wait for them to fully grow before they can be used. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find them, which won't help if you don't find one. Next to each type of seed there is a outcome of using the seed. Be carefull when using seeds as some of their effects are bad.
Bergamot ; Resist Poison, Reduces Elemental Energy Flow

Fennel Seeds ; Fatigue Restoration, Paralyzation

Flax Seeds ; Restore Elemental Energy, Speed Enhancer

Ironwood Nut ; Fortify Elemental Energy, Can Induce Fatigue

Milk Thistle ; Cure Paralyzation, Can Induce Paralyzation

Peony Seeds ; Fatigue Restoration
Plants: Plants are the easiest to find as they are found all around the middle of the city. They are easily found due to them sticking up right out of the ground, and are always in soily areas. Next to each type of plant there is a outcome of using the plant. Be carefull when using plants as some of their effects are bad.

Bloodgrass ; Resist Paralysis, Fortify Skin

Dragon's Tongue ; Resistance to Magic, Heavy Resistance to Fire

Foxglove Nectar ; Resist Poison, Luck

Lavender ; Fatigue Restoration

Morning Glory ; Resist Frost, Resistance to Magic

Spiddal Stick ; Poison, Reduces Elemental Energy Flow

Tiger Lily Nectar ; Fatigue Restoration
Fungi: A fungus is neither a plant nor an animal. It is similar to a plant, but it has no chlorophyll and cannot make its own food like a plant can through photosynthesis. They get their food by absorbing nutrients from their surroundings. Next to each type of fungi there is a outcome of using the shroom. Be carefull when using shrooms as some of their effects are bad.

Bog Beacon Aso Cap ; Restore Elemental Energy, Fortify Skin

Cairn Bolete Cap ; Healing Properties, Resist Paralysis, Can Induce Fatigue

Cinnabar ; Fatigue Restoration, Resistance to Magic

Elf Cup Cap ; Cure Poison, Adrenaline

Green Stain Cup Cap ; Luck, Healing Properties

Somnalius Frond ; Speed Enhancer

Stinkhorn ; Weak Poison, Restore Elemental Energy

Summer Bolete Cap ; Speed Enhancer

Ysalline ; Heavy Healing Properties, Weak Paralyzation
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Herbs & Plants For Use In Alchemy
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