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 the crystal dragon army

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silver comet

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PostSubject: the crystal dragon army   Mon May 14, 2012 7:48 am

Faction Name: the crystle dragon army
Faction Class:dragon

Backstory:deep within the land of dragons lives the crystle egg. from thsi egg came a dragon hatchiling possesing the powers of the sky,earth,and underworld. she portected faera from all evil and such. but with the humans coming to the land to hunt us and the gods angerd its getting harder for her to help faera. So she stared and elite squad of warriors and mages that were dragons. if you join you get one of the folowing.


the leaders are

sky dragon (water/ice,lighting,wind)
ground (soil/rock,steel,pant)
underworld dragon (fire,lighting,darkness)

the army only consist of one element

The cryslte dragons are marked by a crystle on there forhead. they sworn to portect all dragns agiant any cost. they travle in groups and scan the skys for danger. now with the gods angry and callen war they fight aginst the gods and for dragons

Extra Info:This is like an army for dragons. if you join you must portect any dragon and naga.

see terfushia for enlistment and testing

NOTICE: this is not just for gettign more powers you are REQUIERED to fight aginst the god and portect civilians. you are an ARMY (almost like a police officer)

basicly this is an elite squad of dragons that fight for other dragons (imagin this as the usa marines/navy/army)

Species/Class/Skill Requirement:


(sorry no nagas you have to be a dragon but we will portect you)
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PostSubject: Re: the crystal dragon army   Mon May 14, 2012 7:57 am

I will approve this. I don't see why this would be terribly powerful. If it becomes out of hand in-character though, we will have to readdress this faction.

Edit: Dragon is also a admin-approval only race, so this should be perfectly fine.
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the crystal dragon army
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