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 The Beauty Of An Elf. (Sample Book)

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PostSubject: The Beauty Of An Elf. (Sample Book)   Mon May 14, 2012 4:15 am

Chapter 1 - The Day I Met An Elf.

Elves were born on this planet oh so many years ago, it seems strange that we have intruded there land. Okay, so i heard about this portal thing, so i payed a heck of a lot of earth gold to come here. But my past isn't the matter, its the time I came to this land and first laid eyes on an elf...

Chapter 2 - Nuts, Wine And An Elf Quite Divine.

Later that night, i went to a welcoming party for the 'Aliens' as they called us then. As i entered the room, a beautiful elf, with long blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. I took a seat next to her, and of course, began my famous chat up lines... Before i knew it I was walking her home.

Chapter 3 - The Forest

A few weeks later, and me and the elf were taking a walk through the forest, when suddenly from nowhere a large booming voice came into action, and a dark figure appeared. He announced himself to be Tenebris, the god of darkness and doom. Apparently, the elf and i being together was wrong, and that we would be punished. So we ran, ran for our lives, all the way up to the castle itself...

Chapter 4 - Doom, Gloom & A Happy Ending

Upon entering the castle, the king was already there, with several other elf-human couples. He looked directly at us, and knew what was wrong. He had to do something, and good god he did... We woke up the next morning to the sound of a bell, there was a citadel meeting, which all had to attend. We arrived in the castle and took our seats. The king was sat there, with a human to his side. "I have something to say..." He announced "I have been dating a human, as well as most of the other elves have, and i will not stand for this." He continued on like this for a while, but at the end he chanted "So i had an idea... what if we make half blood children? The new empire! Half elven, Half human! The crowd cheered and roared in reverie. We had one this battle... Or so we thought....

~ Wrote By Francis Hour. Of the first era of humans.
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The Beauty Of An Elf. (Sample Book)
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