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 Royal Games Explained.

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PostSubject: Royal Games Explained.   Mon May 14, 2012 3:58 am

Once every other month, the royal games is held. These games entail putting yourself forward for a live action rpg battle. This battle is judged by the Princess and Caecel (The Royal Advisor). Any kind of combat can be used. The winner will be declared as King or Queen. They may then choose princes and princesses, advisers, etc. Then, in 2 months time a new king or queen will be selected via the same games. If no winner is found then the current prince/princess will become the new rules.

The next Royal Games starts: Saturday 19th May 2012 (Time yet to be decided)
And finishes at: Sunday 20th May 2012 (5pm) Where the winner will be announced!


- The winner will be decided on honor, and prowess in battle, not on who can smash everyone and cut there heads off.
- You can only attack one person at once.
- Leaving the arena during a match will mean that you will be disqualified.
- If you are a member of a family or faction, only one member can volunteer.
- This is NOT a copy of the hunger games. Although it is close.
- If the king or queen is assassinated afterwards, the prince or princess will take over and resume normal service.
- If you do not follow the rules you will be disqualified.
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Royal Games Explained.
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