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 ;~ Krosious, The Forgotten Secret ~;

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PostSubject: ;~ Krosious, The Forgotten Secret ~;   Mon May 14, 2012 3:51 am

-OOC Information-
Habbo Username: Rudedog04
Real Name: Sage
Age: 18

-IC Information-
Full Name: Krosious Venik
Nickname(s): Shade, Krow
Species: Lycan
DOB: Sept. 17, Looks 25, actual age 97
POB: A small miners village.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
*Relationship History: None.
Occupation: Beast Hunter / Rogue
*Past Occupations: None


Overall Description: Hes not very talkative, and when he does talk its usually very low, like a whisper. He doesn't trust anyone, unless hes known them over five years, and is however polite.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 186 lbs
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Charcoal Black
Identifying Marks: He has a massive scar ranging down the whole left side of his body. It starts where his hair begins, down over his forhead down the eyelid, down the cheek to the throat, down the throat over the collar bone, and all the way down to his left knee cap.
Powers: Enhanced sinces.

Personality: Quiet, layed back unless hes in a fight.
Self-Image: Doesn't really care what others think of him.
Mental Stability: Sane.
Interests: Finding new beasts he has yet to come across.
Talents: Stealth, Hand to Hand combat, Short ranged Sword Combat.
Likes: The quiet, hidden away areas.
Dislikes: Disrespectful people, ignorant people, loud places.

Ethnic Heritage: White
Biological Mother: Sarah Venik
Role in upbringing & relationship: Raised him until the incodent.
Biological Father: Krotheus Venik
Role in upbringing & relationship: Died in a mine explosion
Family Finance: Very poor, had very little money.
When he was born he was a very sickly child. The village doctor didn't expect him to live much past his first year of life. Though he did, and did so with a very well range of sickness's that befell upon him. Multiple respitory illness's, heart problems, and spinal problems. Though he pushed onwards in life to become everything that his father was and his mother wanted him to be. When he was five years old, he and his mother were on a trip to a close by village to trade clothing that his mother had made for food. When on their way were stopped by slave traders. His mother was being taken to become a mine worker while he would be killed for having been so small at the time due to all the illness's he had when he was a babe. He went into a rage, phazing into his Lycan form for the first time, he went insane if you'd go to say. Killed everyone of the slave men, and unfortunatly his mother in the cross fire. When he awoke he was in some barn on a farmers property. He left finally, when he was fit enough to travel at the age of 10, and finally became the man he is now. Hunting down the beasts that others flee from, hunting down the monsters that terrorize others on their peaceful travels. Trusting little next to no one but himself, and only ever accepting the help of others when itw ill benefit him in the long run, he seculdes himself from most population, and doesn't rather care for the thought of others pertaining to himself.
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;~ Krosious, The Forgotten Secret ~;
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