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 Acceptable Weapons & Spells

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PostSubject: Acceptable Weapons & Spells   Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:34 am

Weapons, the following weapons are acceptable. You will start off with a steel version of your weapon, which can be improved to, ebony, ivory, gold, silver, iron, titanium or mercury. It may also be enchanted at the magic shop in the capital.

Accepted Weapons:
- Swords
- Maces
- Daggers
- Greatswords
- Battleaxes
- Warhammers
- Scythes
- War Axes
- Staffs* (Must be Approved)
- Bow & Arrows* (You will start off with 50 arrows, you may buy more from the blacksmiths in either The Capital or The Pit.
- Steel Clad Knuckledusters* (RP Test Required)
- Fists

Custom Weapons:
You may post your idea for a custom weapon as a reply to this forum, it will be quoted and approved by an admin before it is allowed use.

The following spells are allowed to be used. You may pick one area of spellcraft to put in your motto instead of weapon.

Dawn Spells:

Incurio - Allows you to enter a locked building or area.

Aeverio - Blinds the target for 2 real minutes.

Faeris Ker - Allows you to pass through any object or person.

(Advanced Dawn Spells, Needs Rp test to use)

Caltus Insidia - Knocks the opponent to the floor

Aeverio Ultima - Blinds the target for 5 real minutes.

Dusk Spells:

Falth - Surrounds the target in a black fog, rendering them blind for 2 real minutes.

Maro - The targets feet are knotted in a black rope that cannot be unknotted for 1 minute.

Delvere Intervention - The caster becomes invisible for 30 seconds real time.

(Adv. Dusk Spells*)

Delvere Ultima - The caster becomes invisible for 1 minute real time.

Paeres - The target will be unable to use a weapon or cast any spells for 30 seconds real time.

Elemental Spells:

Fiaere - A bolt of fire is sent to the targets head, this cannot be dodged.

Waetere - A bolt of water is sent to the targets head, this can rarely be dodged.

Graess - A flurry of leaves is sent to the targets head, rendering them more susceptible to fire.

(Adv. Elemental Spells*)

Elaec - A bolt of electricity is sent to the targets head, which knocks them to the floor.

Iceas Infinium - The target is frozen solid for 20 seconds real time, and cannot move.

Ultima Spells** (Must have rp test, a lot harder than regular rp tests)

Canses Ghere - The target is knocked to the floor, and unable to move for 20 seconds.

Bolt Of The Burning Graess - A giant elemental burst, with fire, lightning and grass all sent to the targets head

Mass restoration - The target needs one extra hit to be killed.
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Acceptable Weapons & Spells
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