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Admin Jake

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PostSubject: Create A Guild   Sun Apr 29, 2012 5:33 am

To create a faction or guild you can post a reply below. However, you must have a habbo group for this faction.

Copy and paste this into a reply, and fill it out of course!

Faction Name:
Faction Class:


Extra Info:

Species/Class/Skill Requirement:

For example, this is my faction:

Faction Name: The Order Of Faerec
Faction Class: Priests/Mages

Faerec is an island far off the mainland, which is cursed. On entering the island, you will have visions of the future, causing massive migraines. Long ago, elven mages settled on this strange isle, and began the journey of discovery. They have tamed the powers of the isle, and now guard the future.

Extra Info:
The order of Faerec uses the House Of Restoration, as it's base in Lunaire city.

- Elf
- Mage/Priests
- Ultima Magic

Now begin your journey!
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silver comet

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PostSubject: Re: Create A Guild   Mon May 14, 2012 7:24 am

Faction Name: the crystle dragon
Faction Class: Dragon

Backstory:Deep within faera where dragons live, is a gem. once every centery, it spins and changes color. from it comes a dragon egg. That dragon is born with the symbole carved into its head. This is a special dragon, posesing the power of the universe.

when the dragon sussfully masters 3 of the elements it becoms one of the folowing

sky (water/ice,lightnigh,wind)
earth (soil/rock,plant,steel)

The cryslal dragon is the group of dragons who were born of the crytle. the reson there so special is that the other dragons only posses fire or frost. (if you want proof visit the forms and under the class dragon shoud say this) and they are mages.

Extra Info:Only so many dragons can be in the guild (due t the limited elements)

Species/Class/Skill Requirement:


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Create A Guild
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